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Why rubbish? let me tell you

When plastics are not recycled or collected, they can end up in landfills or waterways. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an island of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii. With 80.000 tons of plastic, it is currently 3 times the size of France and accumulating rapidly. When the tidal waves break the plastics into smaller pieces overtime, fish eat it which is how microplastics end up on our plate. Scientists estimate that we may ingest on average up to a credit card worth of microplastics through food consumption recently microplastics were found in a human placenta. This shows that plastics do not only affect the natural environments and animals, but also humans. We need to address the plastic pollution problem at the source.

The "Return the Plastics" Project

#Returntheplastics proposes deposit-system to recycle bottles in supermarkets

#Returntheplastics is an initiative with an innovative proposal: to recycle plastic bottles based on a 15 eurocents deposit fee for every plastic bottle purchase in the European Union. Once empty, the consumer can return the plastic bottle to a supermarket which has a reverse vending machine to collect bottles for recycling. When the consumer brings back the empty plastic bottle, the consumer receives the 15 eurocents deposit fee which can be spent again in the supermarket.

How are we going to do this? Very simple:

The collection of all plastic bottles will be done at your local supermarket! Just follow these steps and return the plastics!


Collect the plastic bottles

We collect all the plastic bottles we have bought recently and we bring them to the nearest supermarket.


Then put the plastic in the reverse vending machine

The machine will receive and package your plastic bottles for recycling. The machine will count all the items you have brought, and will use it to print a credit voucher.


Collect the credit voucher

The machine will print a credit voucher for 0.15 cents of an euro per bottle introduced. This voucher will be valid for purchases inside the local supermarket.



Now you can enjoy your credit voucher, with the satisfaction of having contributed to a greener planet for us all!

Our goal

With this project, we request the European Commission the following:

To implement an EU-wide deposit-system

to recycle plastic containers

To encourage all EU Member states

that supermarkets (chains) which are selling beverage containers to install reverse vending machines for recycling the plastic bottles and cans after being purchased and used by the consumer

To make companies which produce beverage containers

pay taxes for the recycling system (under the principle that the polluter should pay)

Why does this matter? Here are few facts:


Plastic bottles sold worldwide per minute

According to Euromonitor, 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016 while in 2004, this was still 300 billion. Now, one million plastic bottles are sold every minute and the number of bottles sold yearly will increase to 583.3 billion in 2021

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. That’s the equivalent of setting five garbage bags full of trash on every foot of coastline around the world.


Km² of plastic waste floating in the ocean


particles of microplastics eaten by an average person per year

According to WWF, on average, people could actually be ingesting approximately 5 grams of microplastics every week - that’s the equivalent of a credit card!.

Plastics often contain additives making them stronger, more flexible, and durable. But many of these additives can extend the life of products if they become litter, with some estimates ranging to at least 450 years to break down.


years it take for a single water bottle to decompose

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In order to get full support by the European Institutions, our cause needs 1.000.000 signatures. Come! sign here for our project, and let's build a better world, with less plastic waste!.


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